About us

A successful in-market solution since 1998.
A powerful our-of-the box software since 2019.

The short story

A newly established company with digital industrial DNA from the last century.

Neuron Solution was founded by Goodtech and NEW & Company in 2019 to develop and commercialise on Goodtechs proven data bridge technology.

The data bridge technology has been in the market as a customized solutions since 1998. The solutions have delivered outstanding results for our clients, however as every tailor made solutions, development time and costs has been accordingly.

With the introduction of Neuron Solution we take the step from customized solutions to out-of-the-box, plug and play software. Significantly reducing roll-out time to a fraction of the cost.

In short, Neuron Solution has a software to gather real time data for all types of industrial sensors/ control systems (OT-data) make the data available for streaming to either cloud, AI application, big data analysis etc. (IT-data), as well as on-site Edge computing.

Nordic Industrial system integrator with substantial industrial IoT competence
Tech investment cluster, developing next generation business ideas
About us

An industry innovator

Founded by Goodtech and NEW & Company, Neuron is a true industry innovator. Bringing 20 years of industrial digital experience together, we have a proven track record of connecting industrial installations to the cloud.

Core team

An experienced team of industry experts and visionary individuals with commitment to making an impact

Roar Berge


Experienced manager with a demonstrated history in business development, international sales and project management

Joakim Linge


Technical mastermind responsible for the birth of Neuron Data Management


Neuron’s board has the experience and expertise to secure the company’s success

Margrethe Hauge

Chairman of the Board

CEO of Goodtech ASA; international strategic leadership experience in highly competitive industries.

Tore Totland

Board Member

CEO at NEW; extensive experience in management consulting with several business ventures in Fin/Cleantech.

Karl-Erik Staubo

Board Member

Experienced business developer with a demonstrated history of work in the investment management industry.

John Fredrik Hatling

Board Member

General manager at Goodtech AS; substantial executive experience in the marine industry and project management.

Hans Kristian Aas

Board Member

Partner in +New and CEO at imove; financial, automotive, and oil and gas industry expertise with functional experience in innovation and business-building.

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One-of-a-kind software extracting data from all kind of sensors and systems.

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