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Our software extracts data from all kind of sensors and systems. Even from all the old-school hardware.



The Seatrans Group is a fully integrated ship owning company engaged in the transportation of chemicals in the North Sea, Mediterranean and chemical/gas worldwide, with a vast fleet of stainless steel parcel tankers. They are also, through Sea-Cargo, engaged in RoRo liner and logistics services in the North Sea market.

Seatrans continuously seek efficient and effective transport solutions for their customers, and with Neuron Data Management they can gather real-time data from all their desired control systems. Bringing efficiency to an all time high, with accurate and reliable data to further enhance their operations. Helping to improve accurate navigation and fuel consumption.

Wintershall Dea

Wintershall Dea

Wintershall Dea is one of the leading gas and oil producers on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. With Brage, Vega and Maria, Wintershall DEA are the operator of three producing fields. With Nova and Dvalin in the development pipeline, Wintershall Dea is set to operate even more of its own production in Norway.

For WintershallDEA, Neuron Data Management is the selected tool for data management from the producing fields streaming data to Microsoft Azure and Cognite. All done in a safe and secure way giving Wintershall Dea full control of data streaming.

Digitalization leads the way to greener oil rigs

Dolphin Drilling

Dolphin Drilling puts real-time information and insights at customers fingertips, enabling them to make smarter decisions and deliver cost efficient projects.

With 55 years of operational experience, Dolphin Drilling are continuously innovating and offering the latest within digital technology. Dolphin drillings aim is to continually improve performance, reduce carbon footprint, drive consistent operational efficiency at the highest level of safety across all assets.

For Dolphin Drilling, Neuron Data Management together with Veracity is making the digital strategy possible. Neuron Solution is collection real time drilling data and enabling streaming direct to Veracity.

Digitalization since 2003


Back in 2003 the history of Neuron Data Management starts.

Hydro as one of the major operators on the Norwegian continental shelf, has higher oil production when specialists are present offshore with access to online production data. With lower oil production without the presens of specialists, Hydro startet a project to make the data available onshore. The result of this project was a data bridge collecting data from offshore asset and making the data available for the specialists onshore. Since then the data brigde has secured data streaming from many offshore assets.

Brief timeline

Important highlights.


First Oil & Gas digitalization projects, using data streams to analyze production and increase production by 3% for Norsk Hydro.


First version of Goodtech Data Bridge. Streaming all process data between two rig operators for Statoil (Equinor).


24 assets in operation with support from our Digitalization Support Team our Operational Control Software.


30 assets in operation
Assisted surveillance  through our Databridge


Neuron Solution establised as a tech carv-out, building an easy to use software.
Installations made in Shipping, Proptech-solutions and Drilling.

2021 and beyond

Enabling Industry 4.0 for a large range of industries, support the race for better use of data in decision making, cost saving and more sustainable industries.

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Decarbonizing the world's industries - Sustainability

McKinsey talks about the issue of decarbonizing the world's industries, and their research shows that solutions are within reach. In many cases, a tranformation is well underway.

Veracity by DNV GL and Neuron Solution teams up

Veracity is the digital initative enabling 150 years experience of connecting yards, designers, owners, operators, contractors and authorities in the Maritime world.

How tapping connectivity in oil and gas can fuel higher performance

According to a resent McKinsey-report the potential value embedded in advanced connectivity for exploration and production could add up to $250 billion of value to the industry’s upstream operations by 2030.

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