Our solution

Our software extracts data from all kind of sensors and systems. Even from all the old-school hardware.

Unique technology

A SaaS (Software as a Service) data flow platform that extracts and contextualizes data from all kind of industrial equipment and sensors and securely transport data to cloud services and remote storage.

Tech talk

Highly scalable environment with failover possibilities

Flexible transport layer with possibility for store and forward ensures that data packages are contained within the system.

The scalable infrastructure endorse microservices and SaaS

Neuron core, the controller in the system, intractable through a Web based user interface

System allows customization in regards to possible on-site extensions that cannot be handled by general adapters

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Important key information

Industry 4.0 - today!

The next industrial revolution is here already. Data driven industrialization will deliver better performance, more environmental friendly and profitable industry. Out-of-the-box software solution vs large IT-project saves 6 to 18 months.

The industry challenge

Data from old industrial equipment and systems is difficult to extract. This is due to different data standards across different systems.

Plug and play

Our solution is an Out-of-the-box software. No need for expensive consultants. Your own IT technicians will easily manage complete setup.

Unparalleled flexibility

The system offers the ability to take down or set up new streams at the push of a button. No specific automation knowledge, large investments, or third-party interference necessary.

Data ownership is important

Neuron offers a vendor-independent solution that can transport data from sensors to any processing system.

It is very important that your company control the data, and not a third party entity. This gives you the ability to upgrade or change IT and OT vendors. It gives you the ability to test and change to competitive cloud solutions or applications side-by-side at no extra cost.

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One-of-a-kind software extracting data from all kind of sensors and systems.

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